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One of the most beautiful trips I’ve enjoyed recently is a drive to Rosarito Beach, Baja, Mexico. The people who work on the beaches, the hotels, and the wine country are humble and compassionate. On this particular trip, the Las Rocas Resort and Spa was the landing point for a glorious weekend.

Just a little over a half hour from Tijuana, taking the scenic route, one can see a statue of Jesus on top of the mountain. That’s the landmark directly across from Las Rocas Resort and Spa.

The resort is quaint and has the architecture of old Mexico, with beautiful tile architecture, all situated on the ocean. There are 40 suites which open to a patio facing the ocean, and 30 standard rooms also facing the ocean. One can feel the warm ocean breezes, when taking a siesta, and relaxing in one of their three Jacuzzis. The suites are very cozy, and exemplify the heritage of Mexico’s culture, while the living room opens to a private patio, overlooking the ocean.

For those who need massage therapy, Wellness spa has all the amenities that guests desire, including a sauna, steam room, and private enclosed Jacuzzis with an ocean view. What makes this resort very popular however, is the way guests are greeted and treated by staff, combined with great cuisine, and the fact that this resort is at an excellent location outside of Rosarito Beach.

Rich Rossi, Cesar Riviera, and Pete Allman, the three amigos chat about tourism and President Trump's executive orders on immigration.
Rich Rossi, Cesar Riviera, and Pete Allman, the three amigos chat about tourism and President Trump’s executive orders on immigration.

Culinary Journey

My experience with fresh seafood has always been pleasant in Mexico. This occasion was special, as I dined at the El Meson, the gourmet restaurant, where I had a table near the fireplace, with an ocean view all in one. The guitarist who performed that evening, Agustin Sanchez Sandoval, was exceptional, as he is one of Baja’s most famous musicians.

Beginning with the appetizers, the jumbo shrimp, and the homemade sauces with the chips were quite filling. The popular entree selected for me was the Molcagete, prepared with lobster, fish, clam, and octopus. Whatever the soup base preparation consisted of, it was a most delightful dish.

During the mornings, guests can dine in the Cafe Del Mar and enjoy home made breads, and a variety of flavorful Items such as Pollo Ranchero chicken, simmered in a mild sauce, then prepared with tomatillos, tomatoes, fresh roasted Jalapenos, herbs and spices.

Other food dishes are the Carnitas pork, Carne Asada, which is steak soaked in lime juice, with spices, then chopped up, and the Chile Relleno con Commarones, which is prepared with a large Poblano chili stuffed with cheese and shrimp, then fried in a fluffy egg batter.

What I enjoyed best, was the fresh squeezed orange juice in the mornings, sitting on the patio enjoying the fresh ocean breezes blowing across my face. A very tranquil setting.

steak dish at las rocas resort.
Steak dish at Las Rocas Resort.


Depending on the time of the year, there are plenty of fun activities and tours that Las Rocas Resort and Spa offers. Surfing is very popular, and the tours for the wine country take up most of the day.

Weather you relax pool side, or play volleyball, or just enjoy the Jacuzzi ocean side, this is your place to enjoy a quick get away from Los Angeles.

I can attest to this because I’ve visited Rosarito Beach on many occasions, and have always had a safe and pleasant experience in doing so.

For more information on call 1-888-527-7622 or visit

Celebrity Scene News awards 4 stars to Las Rocas Resort and Spa for their amenities, cuisine, and resort experience.

Las Rocas Resort and Spa Photos

Agustin Sanchez Sandoval.
Agustin Sanchez Sandoval, Baja’s most popular guitarist.
Rich Rossi in the jacuzzi oceanside.
Rich Rossi relaxes in the jacuzzi oceanside.
the outside bar las rocas resort and spa.
The outside bar at Las Rocas Resort and Spa.
pool oceanside.
The pool oceanside
Vollyball court.
The Vollyball court.
back of las rocas resort and spa.
Back of Las Rocas Resort and Spa.

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