If You are Feeling Crazy Today, Make Some Delightful Pizza!

Many people who we thought were plain crazy, often come up with granted, eccentric ways to create new things. I’m sure Columbus was treated with the same hazing until proving himself or even Thomas Edison for using electricity or explaining it in fact. I wanted to do this for a while now and sought out my very own brain trust to see different ways of creating a pizza topping.

I’m sure the pizza mafia wouldn’t agree to uncongenial pizza toppings. I pureed all over their faces with what me and my friend Joanne created. At first I wanted to merge my two loves apple crumble and pizza together using the dough adding some icing sugar to the flour to roll it out using custard as the base apple slices crumble topping. Then put toffee sauce on top. Thrown them in the oven and it came out, well mixed. Imagine the taste of a doughnut with a custard apple and toffee centre, but its just not sweet enough.


For me, served with ice cream and more toffee sauce makes the eyes full. But left me not exactly enjoying it as much thought and planned which was disheartening. If you do plan to follow this small disappointment, feel free. However, add sugar to the apples and maybe have smaller slices that would be my only changes to hopefully a better example for you.

Now where failure is deflating I move over to another more promising aspect to try weaning you off your generic, uncreative frozen pizza’s – Take that pizza mafia, who ever you are – I introduce a different kind of pizza this is the future Introducing what my friend made in my kitchen and I ate.

Pesto bacon and potato pizza. That’s right here’s how to make your own.

Pesto (we used Scala brand green No rocket) 4 diced Small baby potatoes 3 chopped Spring onions 3 slice bacon 4 grated cheese, Joanne uses Mixed with mozzarella and cheddar or cheddar is fine since we used that

Using pizza dough, unless you have the time and energy to make something you can buy for 1’60.

Roll out the dough and split it in to two pizza. Leave moderately with thick spread of pesto as base. Add the spring onion. Fry the bacon and potatoes and then add them. Add the grated cheese. Put it in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Once cooked, its as if the pesto adds a beefy quality to the dish.

I enjoyed trying to make something different and will keep trying. But until then, I urge you to try the unexpected and different.

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Steven Latchum
Steven Latchum is an Irish foodie who really loves making, eating, reading and writing about food. He says food is so genuine he can have a conversation with his plate, almost like a first date every time. Contact Steven through NewsBlaze.