Fuentis: A Journey In Cuisine

While visiting Rosarito Beach, in Baja, California, I was told about Guadalupe Valley and its beautiful wineries. Throughout the year, various wineries have festivals, which promote their wines. After a day of visiting the Artesian winers, one looks to have a nice dinner, which is exactly what a group of visitors; I was guest of did.

Vinos Fuentis, in Ensenada, B.C. is a family owned winery and restaurant, which takes pride in preparing their cuisine, with locally farm grown vegetables. Their specialty is Quail which is served with three different sauces, garlic, apple mint, and a mint green sauce, and fresh Tuna, which have that traditional flair of Mexican-Baja cuisine.

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The Quail is marinated for 24 hours, which gives it that wonderful flavor of a light, tasty meat flavor. In addition to their wines, beer and liquor, Jamaica is the drink of preference. Jamaica is a plant, which is used to make the juice, daily. Most important though, is the attitude of the people in this region. They are most hospitable and take special interest in their customers, local and tourist alike. Miguel D. Fuentes, the owner and his daughter Michelle, greet customers on a daily basis.

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On the occasion I was dining, Michelle attended to all my needs, explaining the family recipes. She is quite the host and is a delightful conversationalist. Journalists, who review restaurants for their cuisine, ambiance and service, tend to get very spoiled and have high expectations during their dining journeys.

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Concerning this journalist, Vinos Feuntis is one of those quaint restaurants, where one feels right at home, knowing that each meal is prepared with love and the freshest of foods.

Celebrity Scene News gives its highest recommendations to Vinos Fuentis, a 10 for a wonderful, uplifting dining adventure.

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