Coffee & Shrimp as Alternative Fuel

Coffee grounds and shrimp shells as an alternative for fuel

Shrimp and coffee have become a possibility for alternative fuel according to the website Science Daily. This is some interesting news for energy alternatives that is worth reading and looking into. Alternative energy is becoming a concern for environmentalists who want to see a big impact with a change in fuels and natural forms of energy. Staying informed gives you an edge of knowledge of what the possibilities are, and of what could be marketable in the new coming future.


Shrimp shells are being used as a catalyst to produce biodiesel fuel from a scientist in China. Xinsheng Zheng believes this could have a huge impact on the environment because the process is more environmentally friendly.

Most catalysts that convert it to biodiesel cannot be reused, which makes it not the greenest of choices. The shrimp shells can be reused as a catalyst, which makes it even more productive ecologically. The traditional way of making biodiesel produces a wastewater that is a form of pollution.

Should you wish to read more about this particular conversion of shell fish to make a biodiesel fuel you can read about it on a website called science daily.


Coffee has now become the possibility of becoming a natural resource for fuel. Imagine the possibility of all your coffee grounds being used this particular way and for the reason it is being done. In Nevada a team of researchers are unlocking some wonderful secrets of making biodiesel out of coffee grinds. Mano Misra, Susanta Mohapatra, and Narasimharao Kondamudi, the researchers responsible for this find, have indicated that with coffee grinds alone this could generate another 340 million gallons of biodiesel to add to other types of biodiesel on the market. The journal of agricultural and food chemistry has made it available for you to read about this wonderful new discovery.

Biodiesel production has become a market that just continues to grow. By 2010. they figure that biodiesel production alone could hit an astounding 3 billion gallon mark.

The possibilities are endless while reviewing the journal of agricultural and food chemistry, of what is available on the energy alternative market.


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