There are chefs, then there are very colorful chefs. Executive Chef Chris Binitto is one of those unique chefs in Hollywood, tantalizing people’s taste buds. House of Macau, located at 1600 Vine Street, is quite the night spot for a cocktail and nightlife.

The multi level modern restaurant club plays host to some of the top musical events in Hollywood. In the early evening, before the music, Chef Binitto creates colorful food fare that’s five stars in every category.

Pete Allman and executive chef Chris Binitto.
Pete Allman and executive chef Chris Binitto

On this particular evening my Unmanned celebrity guest and I ordered a Macau Coconut shrimp ceviche, garnished with mint for our appetizer. It was excellent!

Our main entrée included Salmon Crudo served with Peruvian Salsa Verde, cream cheese, avocado espuma, mango and vinegar. My guest ordered a vegetable plate, which consisted of Ajii verde, cucumber, crostini. avocado espuma, mango, vinegar and pickled celery and radish.

house of macau entree.
House of Macau entree

My suggestion on any occasion, would to dine in the outdoor patio, which is quite romantic, overlooking the W Hotel.

Now then, how about some else really special. A Roasted tomato, stuffed with basil Greek yogurt, a smoked tomato gel, and basil oil with pickled scallions. It is delicious and light enough to indulge in some other delicacies.

Those delicacies would be the Duck Confit Ruette, prepared with Confit Riette, smoked strawberry jam, pickled celery, smoked strawberry gel and roasted lavender. Try this combination with Midori rum, then later try Kahlua and milk.

Our last culinary journey ended with Sashimi togarashi, dusted with spiced ahi with sautéed Shitaki black garlic tuna, beurre blanc, pickled enoki, mushroom and muro on top of a shiro leaf.

It’s always nice to have such a romantic dinner with the chef serving cuisine with his assistants, Manny Halley and Zlegan d Sexy.

Why not explore the tantalizing taste of Southwestern Asian fare, and take a culinary journey from 5pm to 11 nightly. For catering parties or a group function, call 323-745-5038.

Celebrity Scene News awards five stars to Chef Chris Binitto and House of Macau.

Pete Allman house of macau.
Pete Allman house of macau
House of Macau dining area.
House of Macau dining area
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