Chef Bruno Serato Feeds Children In Need

There are many well known chefs throughout the world, but perhaps the best known is Sir Bruno Serato, who has unselfishly fed more than 2 million needy kids. It began a few years ago when Caterina, his mother and Bruno had visited The Boys and Girls Club.

As they were given a tour, Bruno’s mother noticed a kid eating potato chips, later learning that it was his dinner. She quickly had her son go back to the restaurant and prepare pasta for the children. That has escalated to serving 3500 meals a day in over 50 locations, including Southern California, New York, Chicago, and Italy.

In 2005 Caterina and Bruno formed Caterina’s Club, a non profit organization that feeds children of ‘motel families’ that live in cheap motels. Chef Bruno has also created the Welcome Home program where he has helped families move into their own furnished apartments.

bruno serato at anaheim white house
Bruno Serato at the Anaheim White House.

But it doesn’t end there, he has partnered with the Anaheim Union P21 mentorship program, a nine week program where students explore the hospitality industry, restaurants and tourism industries.

His passion in helping feed children in need has earned him the CNN Hero of the Year Award. He was also knighted by the Italian General Consulate, along with being invited to speak about hungry kids at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

Anaheim White House.
Anaheim White House

History of Anaheim Whitehouse

The Whitehouse Italian Steakhouse is an historic landmark that was built in 1909 by Doris Gervais. The home exchanged hands from the Waterman family to Dr. Truxaw and his wife Louise and it remained a home for 50 years. In 1981, Jean and Barbara Stoval purchased the home from the Truxaw family and built it into a restaurant with the title “The Whitehouse Restaurant.” In 1987, Chef Bruno Serato an Italian from Bonifacio, Verona took over ownership which featured Northern Italian Steakhouse cuisine.

tom hallick, yin jiang, chef bruno serato, and pete allman.
Tom Hallick, Yin Jiang, Chef Bruno Serato, and Pete Allman as President Trump.

Arrival at Anaheim WhiteHouse

As my party handed the car keys to our valet, we fixed our eyes on the beautiful setting of the Whitehouse. Walking slowly through the garden area, there was a calmness in the well-groomed grass area with beautiful Cypress trees gracing the grounds.

Upon our arrival, Chef Bruno Serrato greeted Tom Hallick, the veteran actor who received the Best Supporting Actor in “The Admired,” from the Amsterdam Film Festival, and his wife Jin Jiang, a concert violinist with Andrea Bocelli.

We were given a personalized tour which included dining areas that display recreations of Michelangelo’s work. Every detail in this restaurant is beautiful, from the furniture, the table settings, flatware, and design of the cuisine.

We especially enjoyed the “B” bar that overlooks the patio where one can view the nightly fireworks at Disneyland. This is an area where business groups can meet and have their events catered, perhaps with a jazz trio. Larger conventions however can be held in the banquet facilities just off the entrance to the restaurant.

bruno serato with the president.
Bruno Serato with the president.

Culinary Journey

michelangelo recreation
Michelangelo recreation

Beginning with a Stella Beer, and two glasses of Strawberry Lemonade, our thirst was quenched with appetizers Lobster Ravioli and Bourgogne Escargot. The Lobster Ravioli is prepared with Langostino Lobster with fresh basil, Japanese ginger, served with a citrus sauce. The Bourgogne Esgargot is served with garlic, herbs and grated parsley. Both Tom Hallick and Yin Jiang said it was the best they’ve ever enjoyed, and I agree. Our second course consisted of corn chowder with chicken. A wonderful creamy taste indeed.

The diversification and design of the cuisine at the Anaheim Whitehouse is quite colorful and so delicious. Our main entree included a New York steak for Tom, a Rigatori Cabonara for Yin and a Shrimp Bucanti for me.

The New York Strip Steak is 14 ounces, seasoned with imported Madagascar green peppercorn shallots, in a brandy sauce. You could hear Tom moaning on every bite. It really was very good. I sneaked a bite! Yin’s dish was quite innovative. The Chocolate Salmon is a Whitehouse Signature Dish. It is a steamed Atlantic Salmon with Chef Bruno’s creation of Belgium White mashed potatoes with Japanese ginger, orange and a citrus beurre blanc.

The portions served at Anaheim Whitehouse are large. Yin however had partaken in another popular dish, the Rigatori Carbonara, which is is a large pasta stuffed with Parringiano-Reggiano, cheese, egg, sautéed bacon and dusted with black pepper. So her stomach was quite full, and she enjoyed the rest of her Salmon Chocolate for lunch the next day. “My Shrimp Bucanti, which was sautéed with soy sauce and a touch of cream, tossed with bucanti pasta was super rich and very tasty,” she said.

“This meal is better than the French Laundry in Napa Valley,” Hallick said. Considering the presentation, and the quality of cuisine, in the elegant surroundings, this is a culinary journey that we will treasure.


us flag at anaheim whitehouse.
US Flag at Anaheim Whitehouse

To everyone’s surprise, the dining parties, along with Yin Jiang were totally surprised when Sylvano Ibay, the maitre d’; and our waitress Britney and staff brought out a 36-inch tall tower of caramelized sugar tower with cotton candy and glowing candles, surrounded by custard cups, chocolate strawberries, blueberries, little cakes and some breaded fruit cups. It was a beautiful moment when everyone sang happy birthday to Yin. She said it is something she will treasure for many years to come.

Anaheim Whitehouse is open daily from 5 pm until closing. They’re located at 887 South Anaheim Boulevard in Anaheim. The restaurant however, stops serving at 10 pm. For catering or to have an event, call 714-772-1381.

Celebrity Scene News awards 6 stars to CNN Hero Sir Bruno Serato for his tireless efforts in feeding hungry children, along with his relentless passion in serving cuisine that is healthy and creative in design.

In closing, “The Power of Pasta is an uplifting tribute to the most inspirational use of Italy’s most famous culinary import: Bravo Bruno”!! – Sophia Lauren.

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