Baron Kebab: Food Fit for a Sultan

Baron Kebab

When cold winter winds howl down Queens Boulevard, it’s time to eat like a Sheik at the Baron Kebab. Once Manager and gentleman “Sam” escorts you to your table, expect a taste of Mediterranean heaven as Chef “Bony” handles the grill to create a tasty variety of kosher delights.

Photo speaks for itself

Lamb, beef, fish and fresh vegetables, I suggest:

Charcoal broiled, hot off the fire, saffron chicken breast atop white, yellow and spicy brown, fluffy, Basmati rice with Roasted tomatoes, onions and lime

(Don’t forget your salad and special non-dairy yogurt dressing.)

And there’s always room for Afghan Green or Persian Black Tea with Baklava, a Turkish honey-walnut pastry.

Fine Dine

Forget the grocery shopping and washing dishes. No need to visit the Sultan’s Palace for elegance and great food, the Shish kabobs are sizzling over in Rego Park.

Manager Sam

Baron Kebab Kosher

97-26 63rd Road

Rego Park, NY 11374

(718) 896-9700

Free Delivery also serve a selection of Russian dishes.)

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