Seven of the World’s Most Expensive Foods

What do you get when you combine master chefs, premium ingredients, and the need to create something truly unique for the richest VIPs? You get the world’s most expensive foods, sold by some of the most premium restaurants in the world.

7. Opulent Sundae = $1,000

The Opulent Sundae is sold by Serendipity 3, the home of the famous frozen hot chocolate drink, which sells for around €10. This decadent sundae will cost you quit a bit more, but it’s worth it if you like that sort of thing.

This delightful dessert comes loaded with the finest chocolate and vanilla ice cream before being topped with caviar and gold leaf.

6. White Truffle and Gold Pizza = $2,400

The White Truffle and Gold Pizza is sold by Margo’s, in Malta. It’s not quite the most expensive pizza in the world (our number 3 has that honor) but it’s a decadent one nonetheless.

This pizza combines white truffles, which are one of the most expensive foods in the world, with some of the world’s best buffalo mozzarella and 24-carat gold leaf.

It’s not quite as complex and ingredient-packed as other foods on this list, but the beauty lies in its simplicity. It’s pizza after all, and sometimes less is more.

5. Billion Dollar Popcorn = $2,500

If you thought movie popcorn was expensive, wait until you see Billion Dollar Popcorn from Berco’s. If you visit their website and click onto the Billion Dollar Popcorn product page you’ll see a $5 price tag, but don’t let that fool you. This is the price per piece-$5 gets you one kernel, one bite! If you want a big 6.5 gallon tin then it’ll set you back a cool $2,500.

So why the high price? Well, this popcorn combines organic sugar with Vermont Creamery butter, Nielsen Massey bourbon vanilla, and the world’s most expensive salt, which is harvested from a location that is steeped in Norse legend using techniques that are over 1,000 years old. It’s also finished off with edible gold flakes.

4. The Posh Pie = $12,000

Made by The Lord Dudley Hotel in Sydney, Australia, The Posh Pie is the biggest and most calorific meal on this list and it will feed many more people than many other world’s most expensive foods. But it’ll still cost you several grand per portion!

The Posh Pie contains rare winter black truffles with two whole lobsters and two different cuts of premium beef. It’s topped with gold leaf and served with two bottles of red wine that cost upwards of €400 a piece when ordered separately. It’s a beastly feast of a meal for all the family–one overindulgence away from you contacting a personal injury lawyer!

3. Louis XIII Pizza = $12,700

The world’s most expensive pizza is sold by Renato Viola, an Italian with a passion for the extraordinary. It includes a selection of three rare and super-expensive caviars; a lobster tail shipped from the Norwegian coast; and the finest Italian cheese.

These ingredients are added to a dough that is allowed to proof for 72 hours, creating a truly decadent pizza. The pizza is served with a tumbler of rare cognac and a glass of champagne.

2. The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence = $14,500

Sold by the Fortress Resort and Spa in Sri Lanka, this sweet dessert is easily the prettiest meal on this list and takes a great deal of time and expertise to piece together. It also tastes divine (or so we’ve heard), combining flavors like Irish cream with mango, pomegranate and champagne.

It’s served with a handmade chocolate sculpture of a fisherman.

1. Grand Velas Taco = $25,000

The world’s most expensive taco is sold in Mexico, at the Grand Velas Los Cabos. It’s a premium meal from the first bite to the last, containing the finest langoustine, chopped Kobe beef, the world’s best Beluga caviar, and black truffle cheese.

It’s finished with gold leaf and edible flower petals and served with salsa made from select dried chilies, as well as an ultra rare tequila and a cup of civet coffee. It’s more than just a premium taco, it’s a premium meal!

Most Expensive Foods