Summertime in The City

I just received a warm summer group hug as my first impression of this wonderful exhibition of photographs “Objects of Affection” by the members of Professional Women Photographers at the Calumet Photo Gallery, 22 West 22 St, 2nd floor, NYC July 28th through August 13th, 2010.

objectofaffection 1
Photo credit for show card: (c) Katie Mantell

Well-worth a visit to experience the joy of dancing colors and imagery, humor mixed with passion, form blended with lit shadows, these artists’ journey the viewer through a maze of emotions. I was reminded of Matisse’s dancing bathers as I circled the gallery always feeling held comfortable and eagerly being pulled forward within the rhythm of life.

Yes, a splash of red on mossy green and a box head humor kept this painter affixed and giggling while absorbing these captured moments of time, but to single out any particular artist’s work would break a link in this universal chain created by this gathering of creators. To quote from my sixties upbringing, “this show is a happening” and a must to be seen.