Stunning Leslie Birkland Spotted on Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills

Leslie Birkland at Beauty on Robertson

Stunning Leslie Birkland, star of Big Rich Texas, was spotted going into Beauty on Robertson in Beverly Hills.

We asked her what she was having done, and she said she was having a hair consultation for her upcoming wedding. We told her we thought her hair looked nice as it was, so she should wear it like that, and she said she’d tell Denise what we’d said.

We guessed Denise is her stylist, and we’ve had trouble with those before, so we legged it back to Rodeo.



Big Rich Texas is a docu-reality show about a group of obscenely-wealthy Texans. It has been so successful Style Network is considering a spin-off show called Big Rich Washington.

Unfortunately, as of today, they haven’t been able to get enough people who live in Washington to admit that they’re rich, so it looks like the idea will be shelved.