Modern Artisan Transforms Home into a Work of Art with PEBEO Vitrail Colors

Making Something New with Old Traditions

docorative wreath
Image by PEBEO

Los Angeles, CA -(rushprnews) – Using Vitrail translucent paint colors for our early Fall decorating project, PEBEO, once again in collaboration with Madeleine Langlois from Maddy Lane Design, is presenting the second of a series of easy-to-do home beautifying projects. This month’s project consists of two elegant designs both using PEBEO’s own stunning Vitrail colors: Fall copper leaf wreath and Stripped Address plaque.

Vitrail is the French word for stain glass. Truly a tried and true glass PEBEO paint product for more than 30 years.

Maddy Langlois particularly felt that the Modern Artisan style was most appropriate for the Early Fall. She explains “The Modern Artisan trend is found in an appreciation and respect for all things natural. The true colors of the earth are expressed in Modern Artisan with deep blues, greens, warm browns, and oranges,” added Maddy, “It is all about re-using products instead of consuming new ones, and going back to making hand-crafted items as opposed to purchasing mass marketed items. Hand-crafted with care, while utilizing assorted materials such as glass, metal, wood and natural fibers to create truly original decorations. It bring back crafts of the past such as stained glass, quilting, wood burning and metal works with a new twist. It’s all about making something new with old traditions.”

This artistic craftsmanship reflects a growing movement to protect and cherish our environment.

For a fabulous fall wreath, infuse it with copper foliage painted in bright autumn colors. The wreath is garnished with organic shaped oak leaves made out of copper foil; they are then embossed and painted to bejewel and glow.

The decorative foil leaf accents are painted with translucent yet vibrant PEBEO’s Vitrail solvent-based paint colors. PEBEO color products are known for their gorgeous rich colors which are easy to use especially when combined with the right materials, following the simple step-by-step instructions in order to achieve beautiful and stylish results.

vitrail signs
Image by PEBEO

This address plaque with a stained-glass look, makes use of a plain picture frame, by making something new utilizing old traditions and craftsmanship; a plain picture frame is transformed into a colorful address plaque with a modern artisan look. Made with PEBEO glass paint VITRAIL and its self-adhesive lead strips, a stained glass look is achieved with great ease and can be applied for other creations. Back are the crafts of the past such as stained glass to metal works, yet with a new twist. Hand-crafted with care, stripes are added to the glass pane by applying self-adhesive lead strips. The result is a stylish personalized address plaque with a colorful display that dances and reflects in the sunlight.

“Our first PEBEO project presented in the Spring received such positive feedback and acclaim,” stated Luce Robitaille, Marketing Manager, North-America division, “we are looking toward becoming a source of inspiration for everyone wishing to beautify their home environment.”

Next month, we will present THE BOHO LOOK!

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