Lindsay Lohan Isn’t ‘Down’ With Serving Time

It’s reported that Lohan is fighting, denying, her surrender scheduled Tuesday. She hopes Robert Shapiro, part of the team of lawyers who freed O. J. Simpson, will do the same for her.

She is required to serve 90 days, which will be cut-down to 22 days behind bars.

Lohan wants Shapiro to get the judge to forget her non-compliant behavior, and send her home.

According to TMZ, the search for a lawyer took a long time, because Lohan wanted someone to keep her from serving time.

Shapiro has the job of explaining so Lohan can understand that she has to surrender.

It’s reported that Shapiro will request, convince, Judge Marsha Revel to place Lohan in a rehab. This will lower the amount of time she has to serve or erase jail time.

Shapiro’s son died of a drug over-dose, 2005.

Shapiro has a foundation to help people deal with drug/alcohol problems, named after his son – The Brent Shapiro Foundation.