First-ever 3D Yosemite Documentary in Production

3D Film Factory (3DFF), an innovative company specializing in 3D digital technologies, recently begun production on an original documentary showcasing one of America’s greatest natural treasures in 3D – *Yosemite National Park.

This breathtaking film will chronicle the history, seasonal cycles and visual grandeur of the park all in high-definition 3D. Like never before, it’ll showcase the park’s best known activities and natural phenomenon; Yosemite Falls, rafting on the Merced river, climbing Half Dome and El Capitan, tracking bears, the giant sequoia trees and the back country.

“Until now there’s been dozens of documentaries produced on Yosemite, but nothing in 3D, nothing like this,” said company president Karl Kozak. “What other format can showoff Yosemite like HD-3D? So far all the footage we’ve acquired gives you the feeling like you’re there. It’s nothing short of mesmerizing. You’ll never be able to watch traditional 2D nature docs again.”

With the larger landscapes much of the shooting was accomplished using a side-by-side, 3D camera system (3D-SS Pro Rig) and dual HD cameras. Of course, for the close-up and personal nature shots, a split-beam camera rig (3D-SB) was employed. The company’s team of veteran stereographers and cinematographers developed all of the 3D camera rigs utilized in-house. Many of the same 3D camera systems are now manufactured exclusively by 3DFF and offered for sale through their website.

clip image002

The production, now in its early stages, is expected to be completed by late fall. “It literally takes hundreds of hours of accurate 3D footage to complete a show like this,” said lead stereographer Keith Driver. “Larger projects like this challenge you. Everyday we set out to improve our shooting techniques to get not only the best shot possible, but the best 3D we can.”

Upon completion, 3DFF will make the 3D Yosemite film available for worldwide rental and/or licensing. A preview trailer for the film can be seen in anaglyph (red/blue) format on YouTube at

About 3D Film Factory

The 3D Film Factory is a San Diego-based company specializing in the production of original 3D entertainment, state-of-the-art 2D-to-3D conversions and production-ready 3D camera rigs. Staffed by a diverse group of talented stereographers, innovative programmers and award-winning filmmakers, the company is currently converting several award-winning films from 2D to stunning 3D, while producing some of the world’s most unique 3D video programming. Visit the company’s web site at:, or check out some of their 3D anaglyph demos at

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