Fastest Woman on Four Wheels

Jessi Combs is known by television viewers from her stints on popular series such as “Xtreme,” “Mythbusters,” “Overhaulin’,” and “All Girls Garage.” However, while she is successful as an on-air personality, her building history stands alone.

As a renowned metal fabricator, she is revered for her ability to build from the ground up, getting her first opportunity at Specialty Equipment Market Association, or SEMA, in Las Vegas directly out of college.

Armed with a degree in custom automotive fabrication, she successfully built up a 1964 Mercury Cyclone for the showcase. It was not long before she also made a name for herself in racing, boasting record speeds of 440 miles per hour in the North American Eagle.

She was the first female to take her place behind the wheel of a 1913 Model T in the Race of Gentlemen, and earned herself the nickname “Queen of Hammers” for her performance in the off-road desert race.

Learn more about Jessi’s successes in metal fabrication and racing as well as a TV personality by checking out the following infographic.

Fastest Woman on Four Wheels 1

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