Eclipses 30 Million Visits

30 million visits, 155 countries and counting

Chuck Lamb never thought this would go so big and world wide. Called a “Global Phenomenon” by the Associated Press, his website has reached a milestone others can only dream about. His site shows him playing dead in various poses in comical positions and slogans.

His dream was to get himself noticed and to play a dead body on a TV or movie. That has been achieved and much more. Lamb will be starring in the horror/comedy movie Horrorween that begins filming the end of this month.

Asked how he feels about all of the attention Lamb responded “All I can say is thank you to the millions that has visited my site and I just hope I can keep them laughing and visiting.” Lamb has started practicing a stand up comedy routine and will begin performing at local comedy clubs in Columbus, Ohio to practice his new craft.

Lamb’s website has been named one of the Top 10 personal websites of all time by CNN. He has also appeared twice on NBC’s The Today Show, CBS’s Early Morning Show and many others.

“I have been very fortunate to meet many of the Hollywood people I admire” says Lamb. “I went to the Oscars this year and I have been a guest at the Fangoria Horror Convention and at The Ray Court’s Autograph Show”

“Our biggest day on the site was 312,000 hits and hitting the 30 million mark in only 10 months is just more than I can imagine. I have started a new branch of my site called Dead Friends where I ask all of my friends to send me a pose of them playing dead.”

His 15 minutes of fame has turned into 10 months and his fan base has continued to grow. He even has his own fan club on He answers close to 100 emails a day and many times tells would be actors his motto “Never Quit Living Your Dream”

Talent agencies, publishers, producers and more can reach him through his toll free number which is 1-888-DEAD GUY


Chuck Lamb, 614/439-5262

Email: [email protected]

Source: The Student Operated Press

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