Campari Poster Girl Contestant — New Miss Jamaica World

Kingston, Jamaica (Blueprint Promotions) — One of the top four contestants in the Campari Caribbean Poster Girl 2009 competition is the new Miss Jamaica World.

Kerrie Baylis, 20, who was crowned Miss Jamaica World 2009 in Saturday night’s pageant stands 5’10” tall and weighs 120lbs with the vital statistics: 32-24-35. She is set to represent Jamaica at the Miss World 2009 competition in December in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Those at Campari, in addition to congratulating Baylis, say they will be meeting with her in an attempt to configure her hectic schedule, in hopes that it won’t disrupt her involvement in next month’s Campari Caribbean Poster Girl Competition in St. Lucia.

Trishauna Kirlew, Campari’s Brand Manager said, “Campari congratulates Kerrie on her stellar achievement and we are confident that she will represent Jamaica well under the title of Ms. Jamaica World 2009. Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm whether or not this new role will affect her ability to continue in the Campari Caribbean Poster Girl competition. However, we are nonetheless very proud of her and her achievement and we will be discussing her new achievement and future plans with her in the upcoming week.”

Kerrie Baylis
Kerrie Baylis

Throughout the years Campari has always been represented by undeniable sophistication: the likes of Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes and presently Jessica Alba have all represented Campari as International calendar girls, and this indicates the solid and classy reputation of the brand. The Campari Caribbean Poster Girl 2009 is an excellent title for any aspiring or seasoned Caribbean model to hold in her portfolio and undoubtedly the title will change one girl’s life. Other contestants who will contest the title hail from a number of Caribbean islands including Trinidad, St. Lucia, Bahamas, Grenada and more.

Some of the exceptional prizes this year’s winner, include:- a) Frequent travel – The Campari Caribbean Poster Girl 2009 will be representing Campari at different regional locations. This educates the winner on regional diversity and creates numerous networking opportunities while enjoying the perks of VIP travel; b) Full Makeover – The winner will enjoy a makeover experience of a lifetime courtesy of Campari; c) High Profile publicity – As the Campari Caribbean Poster Girl 2009 the winner’s image will be the official image appearing on all Campari posters, shelf talkers and banners regionally. This will mean several photo spreads which is a perfect enhancement to the winner’s portfolio. Since the entire search will be televised on Tempo Networks, the winner will earn sufficient airtime and recognition from regional television; d) Bragging Rights – The Campari Caribbean Poster Girl title allows powerful credibility for the winner’s portfolio or resume in the modelling world; e) Video Cameo – The winner will have the opportunity to cameo in one of the regions hottest music videos.

In fact, Campari, a bitter Italian aperitif, has splashed its red passion across a number of screens, including, cameos in numerous International videos such as Lady Gaga’s Love Game, Hush Hush by Pussycat Dolls, Jennifer Hudson’s Spotlight, Live Your Life by Rihanna/TI as well as the movie Cloverfield, and many others. Whoever walks away with this year’s title is sure to become a symbol of passion, seduction and sensuality as well as an icon of style and excellence very much like the drink they represent.

Photography: Marvin Bartley

Makeup and styling: Dexter Pottinger

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