Arts Express: Robert Kennedy Jr. Talks Coal Industry Crimes Against Humanity

ARTS EXPRESS: The Last Mountain, A Conversation With Robert Kennedy Jr. Environmental legal activist RFK Jr. on fighting the good fight and challenging the energy corporations in this Bill Haney directed documentary, that are killing us here are home. Specifically, the coal industry engaged in mountain top mining.

And what the coverups of this travesty have to do with investigative journalism, or rather the lack of it. Along with corporate designed hidden hollows and Potemkin villages; Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen and what’s going down in the reptilian core of our brains; and this country as the most entertained and least informed population on the planet.

RFK Jr. also gives a shout-out to the current March On Blair Mountain – one of the last Appalachian peaks not yet savagely depleted by coal interests there. And contributing to the toxic pollution, related cancer deaths, mountain top removal as a crime against humanity, and the many flood disasters not so natural after all.

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