What Do Constantly Constance, Stormy Night and Red Circle Days Equal?

“There is no Frigate like a Book, To take us Lands away…” Emily Dickinson

Summer time is here once again and there is no better way to enjoy it then spending time at the beach and while there, there is no better way to spend your time then reading a great book.

Sarah Book Publishing is pleased to announce their summer time “Beach Bundle” featuring the titles, Constantly Constance, Stormy Night and Red Circle Days All three for $12.99 exclusively from Sarah Book Publishing’s online bookstore.

“Constantly Constance” is an enjoyable and funny read. This book is hard to put down. Constance Carmona shares stories about starting life over in a new city (Boston) with no friends, meeting and dating all the wrong guys and figuring out what to do when trying to get out of that awkward kiss at the end of the night if the date is not going well. Constance is a no holes barred kind a gal that can say and do anything without blinking an eye. She shares stupid one-liners, advice and some of the crazy things that guys say and do on first dates.

As your day at the beach winds down and your evening turns to night and you are ready for a change of pace, “Stormy Night” is a perfect read, by the light of a warm fire or curled up on the couch. “Stormy Night” by Veronica Clarke is about a pair of young people that have a chance meeting during a night storm while picking up a few items at, of all places, the local supermarket. The young man and woman are attracted to each other, and develop a friendship which quickly turns into something much more serious- that little thing called love. Their fairy tale beginning is going great, until something crazy and sinister shows up. His old flame. She does all she can to rip this couple’s relationship and lives, apart. Does she succeed? Or does true love win?

As your trip to the beach nears its end and you are longing for the next time, you can hit the beach you may want to circle a few dates on the calendar to remind yourself that the next red circle day is not too far away. In the meantime, you can read “Red Circle Days” by Leah Vidal. “Red Circle Days” is a quick and enjoyable read. Leah maps out all of those special moments in her life and shares funny stories about her family, ones that will make you laugh and ones that will make you cry. Leah takes simple life lessons that seem so silly and turns them a reality, something to think about, something to circle on the calendar. There are moments in our lives that are imprinted into our very soul.

Start creating your own “Red Circle Days” by getting your “Beach Bundle” today.

For More Information: http://www.sarahbookpublishing.com/shop/cart/

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