Welcome to Prison…Enjoy Your Stay Book Review

I thought ‘Welcome to Prison…Enjoy Your Stay’ is a nice follow up sequel. In the first book, ‘Shoulda Robbed a Bank’ I did find myself wondering more than a few times, what happened while he was in prison and just where did he end up. So I was more than happy to get the follow up novel.

In this installment, we get to see what went on while Hugh was locked up. Which was much different from what most people believe, it wasn’t as brutal as everyone thinks. Of course it was in no way fun either.

Hugh survived it by just being on his best behavior and doing what he was supposed to do every day, and of course by getting high. That’s right you can get weed in prison, it shouldn’t really shock any of you, it doesn’t shock me. Today you can pretty much get anything in prison.

I thought it was written nicely and flowed pretty well. There were a few spots of repetition that could have been left out and the ending was a bit abrupt for me.

I would have liked to read about Hugh getting out of prison but other than those few minor details, I thought the book was good. It was a short read and I read it in a day which is always nice. It was fast paced and I enjoyed the read.

I hope to read more from Hugh – he seems to have seen a lot in his life and I enjoy reading about it.

Another good read from Hugh Yonn.

Welcome to Prison…Enjoy Your Stay

Hugh Yonn