Victory Over Your BIG FAT Body

By Clark Isaacs, Clark’s Eye on Books

Eating less and living longer is the theme of this newly published work by Mike Shane. Food which is the right combination of nutrition and causes your body to find your ideal weight is what caused the author of this book to consider his life as a miracle. Over the past five years he was able to recover from 3 strokes, prevent a 4th, and at the age of 69 found himself fit without the wonder drugs of the 20th Century.

Simply setting forth his plan for weight loss is only part of the knowledge that is imparted by this road map to better health. The combination’s of foods, eating habits, and exercise make up for a transformation which will give greater odds on a longer, better life. Following the simple premises given by Shane at this time in your life you will achieve a lengthening of your years here on earth. The return is 2 times the hours of exercise completed. This will include walking 2 hours a day. That is 4 hours extra you will survive.

Shane advocates less salt, good dental hygiene, exercise, and a review of your dietary habits so that you eliminate those harmful processed foods in exchange for heart-healthy veggies and fruits. Not a vegan book by any means, but is a look at those foods which are harming your system’s ecology. Switching to chicken, fish and veggies is the way to achieve your goal.

Certain foods, when eaten in reasonable quantities, will actually burn more calories; they are called Negative Calorie Foods by Shane and include apples, asparagus, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and several others. Under the section of Belly Fat Fighting Foods are those foods containing flavonoids, some are pears, apples, tea, and very dark chocolate.

Mike Shane should have expired 5 years ago from several serious ailments he had which included strokes. He has lived a miracle, according to him. Many of his self-realizations come from what has worked for him. They may not work for everyone, but easy tips with regard to dental care, exercise, and diet will help all.

Youngsters will feel invincible as they meander through their lives until the day comes that taking care of their bodies should have been a lifelong project. Death can be cheated out of taking you too soon. As Shane describes the Angel of Death as ‘Uncle Jerry’, the one whose job is to escort the deceased to the after life; Behavior Modification is put forth as a concept to outwit this feared Angel.

This book is highly recommended as a way to ease into a new lifestyle of eating and feeling good about yourself as you escape from the clutches of ‘Uncle Jerry.’

Victory Over Your BIG FAT Body

Author: Mike Shane with Wes Bagby

ISBN: 984466401, Pages: 84, Publication Date: June 6, 2010, Softcover, Health/Diet book, Published by: M. Shane Publishing

Clark Isaacs is an accomplished book critic who is published in local newspapers and national book review lists. Contact Clark through his website at or through NewsBlaze.