Up Close and Personal With Author Glenn Thomas Langohr

I Talked with Glenn Thomas Langohr author of Roll Call, and Pelican Bay Riot.

When did you realize writing was for you, or was writing for you like oversized shoes that you grew into?

Writing was something I grew into. As a little boy, I remember thinking, “I’m going to make a movie.” I was walking out of the theatre after watching Rocky. I’ve always been passionate about comeback stories. As my life developed, I realized I had attention deficit issues. I couldn’t pay attention to books or school work that didn’t entice me right away. When I was 12 years old, my parents divorced and it was a rough one. I rebelled and ran away and got into smoking and selling marijuana. Eventually I ended in prison. That’s when I started writing.

Q: If you weren’t an author what would you be and why?

Glenn Thomas Langohr: I would have been an athlete of some kind, or a coach. I love to play baseball, basketball and football.


Q: Why write about crime?

Glenn Thomas Langohr:Since I got involved in selling pot, and then other drugs, I gained a lot of life experiences in the drug world. I saw how it relates to other crime like prostitution, gambling, extortion and gangs. Being in prison, I saw that we are breeding bigger criminals by locking up low level offenders in a violent atmosphere without any form of rehabilitation or job training. So I write to open the eyes of the public that we have to be smart on crime if we want a positive change.

Q: Your stories often have an inspired redemptive twist. What inspires you?

Glenn Thomas Langohr: Starting off as a runaway, I set my energy and passion in the wrong direction. In prison, I saw some of the strongest people who were much the same. With writing, I found that I can take what I’ve been through and turn it into a blessing.

Q: For you, what makes a good story and why?

Glenn Thomas Langohr: I like stories with social issues and conflict that inspire you to make a difference. I hate to see evil win, so I like to see characters I can relate to, overcome obstacles, by holding on to truth and determination. A really good story will pull me into the character’s mindset and get me emotionally invested.

Q: Who is your favorite author?

Glenn Thomas Langohr: For me, the author and finisher of my salvation is God, so I would have to say the Bible. The stories are all a perfect amount of good over evil with imperfect characters. I have so many other favorite authors that it’s hard to pick just one, so I’ll say, James Clavelle.

Q: What’s your advice to aspiring writers?

Glenn Thomas Langohr: Write as soon as you get up to get started! Then, write every chance you get the rest of the day, when the creativity is flowing. Get involved with other writers to proof read your work for feedback. I’m blessed to have Mr. Phillip Doran, a famous TV Producer and author as my mentor.

Check out his latest book, ‘Roll Call’ below and much more!