Tilt Book Review

Hopkins has done it yet again! ‘Tilt’ is an amazing companion piece to ‘Triangles’. Fans that have been loyal to her will eat ‘Tilt’ up and new readers will flock to get her other books after reading ‘Tilt’.

‘Tilt’ follows the lives of the three teenagers from Hopkins Adult Novel ‘Triangles’. You get to see all the situations that happened in ‘Triangles’ from the teenagers point of view and see how it affected them. One thing I really enjoyed in ‘Tilt’ was that the story went beyond where ‘Triangles’ left off.

I think ‘Triangles’ is an amazing novel, but ‘Tilt’ really raised it up a notch. ‘Tilt’ is a page turner that pulls at the heart strings. It is a companion piece but it can stand on its own with no problem, with the talented, captivating stories it told.

Hopkins stuck to her unique, fast paced, hard hitting, emotional blending verse poetry and it does not disappoint readers.

Another thing I love about Ellen Hopkins is that she doesn’t play it safe or shy away from the controversy. She really captures the tough life situations and the consequences that’s why her fans cling to her books; I know I do.

‘Tilt’ is a poetic verse masterpiece by Hopkins and I cannot wait for more of her work.