Thrones of Desire Book Review

I really enjoyed this anthology; it has a great selection of erotic short stories which I found to be rather tantalizing. I have always enjoyed stories about dragons and lords and ladies but they have to be told right in order for me to read them and keep my interest. I have to say I am rather picky when it comes to this genre.

This compilation however kept my interest throughout the whole thing. I liked that the stories were short and to the point but yet they told a complete story. There were a few that left a little to the imagination but that is too be expected in a compilation of short stories. There will always be one or two the reader doesn’t care for at least in my opinion there is.

I enjoyed the style of writing as well, it was done flawlessly. It took me back to a mystical time where lords ruled and dragons flew around freely. I could only imagine the possibilities. I also liked that the erotica was talked about in the preface, explaining that it is usually either for men or women never both. I feel that this anthology could easily be considered appealing to both genders. I would recommend this book. It is a very lovely compilation.

Thrones of Desire: Tales of Swords, Mist, and Fire

Edited by Mitzi Szereto