The Sound and The Echoes Book Review

I thought “The Sound and The Echoes” is truly amazing. I love the world that the author created. It was truly unique and pulled me right in. This story is completely different from anything I have ever read and I truly enjoy it.

The way it was written is beautiful and I just thought the characters are amazing and the plot is genius.

I think this book is unfairly overlooked because you have to pay attention to understand the full story and a lot of readers want the story spelled out for them in a simpler way. I however, love the way this one is told. I love the writing style and I recommend it to any fan of fantasy.

It is a truly captivating, in-depth, action-packed fantasy adventure and I couldn’t have asked for more from this book.

The Sound and the Echoes

Dew Pellucid

Fantasy/Young Adult