The Exodus Quest by Will Adams

Will Adam’s debut novel, “The Alexander Cipher,” was widely acclaimed and extremely well received by the literary community. His second novel, “The Exodus Quest,” has the same characters continuing their pursuit of antiquities in Egypt. This novel is fast-paced, exciting, and soon the reader recognizes the similarities between Daniel Knox and Indiana Jones.

The story begins simply in a market bazaar where Knox finds what he believes to be an ancient earthenware bowl. He chases a young boy who attempted to sell him the bowl through twisted alleys and loses him in the crowd. His recollection of this item leads him to believe it is over two thousand years old and not a copy. Later, confirming his belief is an archaeologist friend who is renowned in Alexandria.

The quest is on when Knox tries to find where this extraordinary cover of a storage urn came from. This novel is very reminiscent of the Indiana Jones adventures as this story unfolds. He keeps on going no matter what pitfalls he encounters. He is in an auto wreck, loses his short term memory, and becomes a key suspect in the death of his archaeologist friend. Surviving these adversities, he manages to elude the police and attempts on his life, as he continues to search for the ancient Dead Sea Scroll which he suspected had been stored in the ancient urn.

At times, the “Energizer Bunny” is brought to mind. No matter what the adversity, Daniel Knox, keeps on ticking like the “Timex” watch. He continues moving forward to his goal. His damsel in distress causes him to champion her cause adding to the heightened excitement. He sidesteps the main story to rescue Gaille Bonnard, his erstwhile partner and love interest.

“The Exodus Quest” blends history with real time suspense and is a learning experience which clarifies many Egyptian theories by digging up an altogether different theory on some theological leanings of Jewish, Christian, and Egyptian beliefs. Whether Adam and Eve and several other historical patriarchs were buried in this newly discovered tomb is something which is left for readers to theorize.

One shortcoming in this book is the inference that some people in the Egyptian government are suspect to taking bribes, selling out national treasures, and were only interested in their own self-aggrandizement. However, to the credit of the author, they perished at different times and could no longer perpetrate harm to the Egyptian people.

This is an excellent read which is highly recommended.

The Exodus Quest

Author: Will Adams

ISBN: 044656320X, Pages: 336, Publication Date: April 29, 2010, Hardcover, Novel, Published by: Grand Central Publishing, Hachette Book Group

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