The Damned Book Review

I am such a huge fan of L.A. Banks and all of her books. Her writing is amazing. She creates such an amazingly dark paranormal world.

‘The Damned’ is the sixth book in the Vampire Huntress Legend novels and I am hooked. Carlos and Damali are such fierce characters that have been to hell and back, literally. Somehow in the sixth installment the story is still fresh and entertaining.

I just think the details and descriptions in this book are phenomenal. I can clearly see everything in my head that she writes.

This book really threw all her characters for a loop and I really think that’s a huge part of what keeps it so interesting. This is a series that you want to take the time out to read.

“Damali Richards knows all about a blood rush. The kind that happened when she first went skin-to-skin with former vampire Carlos Rivera. Or the kind that happened on the streets of Philadelphia, when her crew took on the devil’s own. Now, Damali, Carlos, and the Guardian team are recovering in the Arizona desert, trying to hold it all together and find out how much love, and how much war, they still need to make – until the demon consort Lilith changes everything.”

“The Damned are seeping out from below, and a new contagion is spreading simply by touch. For Damali and Carlos, time is running out. With Armageddon near, the ultimate truths lie strewn from a shaken underworld to the pristine mountains of Tibet, where the two lovers will approach a pinnacle of power–and the scintillating, shocking secret of salvation….”

Publishers Weekly said it is “a scorchingly hot-blooded vampire series,” and Romantic Times BOOKreviews said “Each book in this … series gets harder and harder to put down.” I absolutely agree.

It’s a great book and she is definitely one of my favorite authors and has been for a long time. She never disappoints!

The Damned

L.A. Banks

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Publishing Date: April 1, 2010

Genre: Paranormal/ Romance