The Book of Paul Book Review

‘The Book of Paul’ is the best dark horror novel I have ever read, and I say that in all honesty. No book has ever blown my mind quite like this one and I must warn you before you read this novel; you will never look at literature the same way again.

‘The Book of Paul’ is such a brilliant masterpiece that I literally could not put it down. I was consumed in the story, the characters and the pure utter darkness of this book. Talent like this only comes around every once in a while and I feel like I have stumbled upon gold. I can very well say anything that Richard writes I will rush to buy, it is such a rare talent he has as a writer.

I feel so lucky to have been asked to review this amazing novel. I find it to be stunning, creative, with such detailed precision in the way the story was told. It is a mind bending story that you absolutely have to read! I have not read a book with such talented, detailed writing in so long, if ever.

Richard Long really sets the standards high in the horror/ thriller genre. I mean Paul makes the baddest of the bad look like sheep. Paul is so sick and twisted but you can’t stop reading it, you have to have more of Paul. ‘The Book of Paul’ is such a dark, seductive tale of things you couldn’t even begin to imagine. Take your sickest thought and multiply it by a thousand and you may have just stumbled upon the very tiniest hint of what goes on in Paul’s brain. You really have to read this brilliant masterpiece, I cannot even put it into words how stunning I believe this book is. I believe it will be a classic one day.

I am so much more thrilled to find out it is the first book in a series. I will definitely be reading all of them. The characters and the story are addicting. You can go ahead and try to say they are not, you are flat out lying! ‘The Book of Paul’ is by far the best novel I have read all year! I am addicted to this series now and I will read everything Richard Long writes from here on out. I believe this man is a genius with words and storytelling. I will be a fan for life. If you have not read ‘The Book of Paul’ you are missing out, I tell you! What are you waiting for? Go, now! Get it! Read it and see for yourself what I am talking about! I assure you, your eyes will be opened to a very new world.

The Book of Paul

Richard Long

Publisher: Open Eyes

Publishing Date: June 7, 2012

ISBN: 97806156486414

Genre: Horror/Thriller