Techno-Warfare: Anti-Submarine Warfare Specialist on Nuclear War

In his thrilling new techno-warfare novel, Torpedo, veteran and author Jeff Edwards takes the reader through a gripping story of nuclear threats and biological warfare.

An accident at a German nuclear plant and a biological warfare attack on the British Embassy in Washington, DC puts the United States government on full alert. This attack, together with an illegal arms deal between a trusted NATO ally and a rogue Middle Eastern state ignites an international crisis that threatens to draw Western Europe, the Middle East, and America into all-out war.

Jeff Edwards is a combat veteran and Surface Ship Anti-Submarine Warfare Specialist and his writing benefits from 23 years of technical and tactical expertise.

He writes “The View From the Deck Plate,” a popular opinion column on all matters military. His column appears on Military.Com, in the Military Press, and on numerous websites and blog sites across the Internet. He is rapidly becoming known as the voice of the enlisted Sailor/Soldier. He is also the winner of the Admiral Nimitz Award for Outstanding Naval Fiction from the Military Writers Society of America

PAUL L. SANDBERG, Producer of ‘The Bourne Supremacy’ says “Torpedo kicks ass! Smart and involving, with an action through-line that shoots ahead like its namesake – fast and lethal. I read it in one sitting.”

Edwards draws from his service in the military to bring one of the best warfare novels of our time.

A chief petty officer with extensive anti-submarine warfare experience in the military, coupled with real life experience in the Cold War and Desert Storm/ Desert Shield, he takes the reader through a realistic encounter as the US tries to diffuse a situation including nukes, biological weapons and naval combat.

He now lives in San Diego, Ca, with his wife Maria and two children. More information is available on the website

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Alan is also a techie. His father was a British soldier in the 4th Indian Division in WWII, with Sikhs and Gurkhas. He was a sergeant in signals and after that, he was a printer who typeset magazines and books on his linotype machine. Those skills were passed on to Alan and his brothers, who all worked for Telecom Australia, on more advanced signals (communications). After studying electronics, communications, and computing at college, and building and repairing all kinds of electronics, Alan switched to programming and team building and management.

He has a fascination with shooting video footage and video editing, so watch out if he points his Canon 7d in your direction.