Sudanese Writer, Kola Boof Chosen the ‘Best Book of 2006’

Novelist Kola Boof, who was born Naima Bint Harith in Omdurman, Sudan has made big news in the United States for her controversial autobiography “Diary of a Lost Girl” which was chosen the Best Black Book of 2006 on noted critic/scholar Kam Williams’s Year End List.

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Kola Boof’s autobiography beat out such luminaries as Barack Obama, Walter Mosley, Tavis Smiley and Manning Marable. Kam Williams called it the most brilliant deconstruction of black living conditions to be published in this era as well as the truly heartbreaking account of a terrible childhood.

The book details Kola Boof’s being orphaned, her issues with mental illness and vaginal infibulation, her support for and participation in the SPLA and her 1996 affair with terrorist Osama Bin Laden, which has caused the talented author’s story to be questioned and assailed by many. To comemorate Ms. Boof being chosen Best Book, Kam Williams undertook a newly published interview) with the author in which she discusses her life and Osama Bin Laden at length (see interview).

Ms. Boof, who because of Bin Laden was suspected as a terrorist herself, continues to be a relentless crusader for the Dinka and Nuer people of South Sudan and is a staunch supporter of the United States and their war on terrorism.

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