Sinful Magic Book Review

‘Sinful Magic’ is a delicious intoxicating novel. Once you start it, I promise you will not be able to put it down. Jennifer Lyon creates a world of danger, fantasy, action, and loves so strong it could kill. ‘Sinful Magic’ continues the Wing Slayer novel saga, the fourth novel is the story of Kieran or ‘Key’.

Key has always been the darker, mysterious one in the group. He is famous for the dark comics he creates including his dragon Dyfyr. His way of releasing the dark and evil of the blood lust and the curse was always drawing.

Roxy is looking for a comic series to make into a television series. She goes about looking into Key’s comics but that’s when all hell breaks loose. Roxy is a fertility witch but she has no desire to be a witch at all. See she doesn’t believe her mother used her power the right way and she doesn’t want to be like that. So if she doesn’t find her awakening her chakras will die off and she will become human and that is something she wants more than anything.

So what happens when Key turns out to be her awakening and he needs her to awaken his dragon?

There were so many different elements to this plot; I was in love with it. So many twists and turns happened; this book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Roxy and Key’s love is so unbelievably strong and passionate it just captivates you from the moment they meet.

I love the world Jennifer Lyon creates, these Wing Slayer Hunters grip your attention and don’t let go. These books are romantic, adventurous, with some very well placed humor, and they have a great plot of fantasy. I would recommend ‘Sinful Magic’ to anyone! Trust me you do not want to miss this series, Jennifer Lyon truly created a new level of paranormal excellence I cannot wait for the next installment!

Sinful Magic

Jennifer Lyon

ISBN: 978-0345520084

Publisher: Ballantine Books Publishing Date: May 31, 2011 Genre: Paranormal, Romance