Ravens Book Review

The odds of winning a lottery prize in excess of one million dollars are astronomical, but to have won 318 million is beyond belief. Ravens, written by George Dawes Green is the winning ticket along with a whole passel of fear. Widely acclaimed author of The Juror and The Caveman’s Valentine Green brings forth his newest offering after a 14 year hiatus.

Grand Central Publishing only printed 45,000 1st edition copies because they wondered if the public would have forgotten this masterful writer. Fear not, oh great publisher, this book hits it right on the head with a suspenseful tale woven in the true fabric of mystery.

Shaw McBride and Romeo Zderko are two heinous characters who hatch a scheme to fleece the Boatwright family of half of their anticipated fortune. Shaw devises a map which is to be followed by Romeo as he patrols the streets in the community and at a given cell-phone-notice, he is to stop at the next house on the map and murder Boatwright’s loved ones. Equipped with an antique sword and a 22 caliber pistol, Romeo begins his rounds after he had been introduced as the mad henchman to the Boatwrights held hostage by Shaw.

The lottery officials and media do not suspect anything is amiss while the family awaits the final certification which will deliver the money to them. So ingenious is the plot contrived by McBride that he is named as an equal recipient of the $318,000,000.

A local constable is bumbling along as complications arise in the relationship between Shaw and the Boatwrights. He suspects something is wrong, but he cannot prove a thing. In fact, he is ordered to step out of the picture by his superiors. Several times he stumbles upon Romeo and has this nagging feeling things are not as they seem.

Shaw announces to the community that he is going to give his share of the money to help the needy; everyone embraces him as a wonderful person. He inveigles himself into the family activities and even goes seining (fishing with a seine net) with them. All the while reminding the family that Romeo will commit mayhem.

A well-constructed storyline which will keep you reading right to the end. This book keeps you in suspense and is highly recommended. George Dawes Green is indeed back on top of his game!

Author: George Dawes Green
ISBN: 0446538965
Pages: 336,
Publication Date: July 15, 2009,
Hardcover, Novel,
Published by Grand Central Publishing

Clark Isaacs is an accomplished book critic who is published in local newspapers and national book review lists.