No Peace in This Century, Is It Possible After World War III?

The world is increasingly unstable. There is instability in economies, agriculture, energy, water, religion, intolerance, spying, weapons. Is the world heading for the “never again” event – WWIII?

As there is little peace in this century, international affairs analyst, Willard Payne pens a novel that looks to see if peace is possible after war.

Payne sees nations standing at the edge of an economic cliff, looking over into a black abyss, allies digitally spying on allies and militaries launching remote control strikes on foreign soil. He sees tensions across the world that haven’t been so high since the Cold War.

In Imagery: The Day Before, published by FriesenPress, Payne, a historian and author, constructs an intricate thriller set in a post-World War III era that he constructs from a combination of theory and current trending truths.

Rather than being apocalyptic, Payne’s WWIII is more true-to-life. Governments have been superseded by the military industrial complex and the people are distracted by an electronically-focused new religion.

Many of the people are actually grateful for the war, because among other changes, a new society has arisen, much like Nazi Germany, which centered around ancient Roman ritual.

There have been many god-leaders in previous world history, but now the most glorious god-like leaders in history are in control. Is humankind on a self-propelled crash course with the next world war, or can a handful of people stand up and steer society towards a path of peace and freedom?

Imagery: The Day Before is available for order through FriesenPress/bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and most major retailers. The eBook is available for Nook, Kindle, and Google Play.

Willard Payne obtained a history degree from Western Illinois University with special focus on economic history, concentrating on East-West trade and industrial cooperation. Payne works as an international affairs analyst and is a member of the Chicago Council of Global Affairs.

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