My True Soul: Book Review

“Sometimes we are exploited in a manner that’s conniving, creepy, dishonest, cruel, sick, and most of all in an insane way. This is my story of feeling exploited… I endured sexual abuse at an early age from my brother, my uncle, and my father which caused both depression and bedwetting, as well as caused me to self-mutilate the body God gave me. These were the three most important men in my life that were supposed to teach me about boys and protect me from men…

The first 29 years of my life have been exactly what they were. With God in my life, the next 29 years are already looking better! I dedicate my autobiography to God. Father, I have found my way back to you and I promise, I’m never leaving

again. ”


Excerpted from the Dedication

Shawna Harrison has experienced nothing but misery most of her life until recently, starting with sexual abuse at an early age at the hands of the males she most trusted in life. This led her not only to have suicidal tendencies, but to seek comfort in weed and cocaine and in a string of unsatisfactory sexual relationships with lesbians. She was suicidal, started dealing to support her habit, and finally bottomed-out after she got arrested and had to spend six months behind bars in the penitentiary.

Today, she’s a gainfully-employed Born Again Christian who has renounced drugs and homosexuality, saying she’s now saving herself for marriage to Mr. Right. Shawna recounts her harrowing 29-year ordeal in My True Soul:

Exploited, Apprehended & Broken Within, a heartbreaking tale of survival which leaves little to the imagination.

Because the author holds nothing back in her graphic descriptions of her tragic roller coaster ride, the memoir proves to be a compelling page-turner that you just can’t put down. It’s a lot like watching a train wreck, except that it ends on an optimistic note, since Shawna was saved and has dedicated herself to Christ and is surrounded by a new set of friends.

Praise the Lord! Let’s just pray that she can resist the temptation to revert while she’s trying to overcome those traumatic formative years when she was exploited instead of protected.

To order a copy of My True Soul, visit:

Exploited, Apprehended & Broken Within

by Shawna M. Harrison

True Vine Publishing Company

Paperback, $14.99

102 pages

ISBN: 0978608879

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