‘The Lifeguard’ Book Review

To be honest, when I first picked up ‘The Lifeguard,’ I wasn’t too interested in it. The description of the book sounds like the typical love story. The typical a girl is going through a tough time, and falls in love during summer vacation.

But I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderfully captivating story this book told. I was really impressed by the characters. They weren’t your typical fairy tale love story main characters. Sirena had real problems. Her parents getting divorced really tore her whole world apart, and instead of doing her usual routine for summer, by going to camp with her best friend, Marissa, she is forced to go stay with her Aunt Ellie in Rhode Island, who she barely knows.


Her life takes a lot of new turns and has new meaning as she begins volunteering at the local hospital, reading to the children. Her eyes really begin to open to the world around her. She also meets Antonio, an eighty year old, who is an amazing painter and a brilliant man. Antonio becomes a mentor to Sirena, and helps her with a lot more than just getting her talent to paint back.

Then there is Pilot, who is just the most beautiful human being on the planet to Sirena. Her brain just couldn’t seem to function around him. He is gorgeous, yes, but he isn’t like anyone she had ever met. He is mysterious and quiet, and seems to be around whenever anyone is in trouble.

So when Sirena is in a terrible accident that brings her very close to death, will Pilot be her hero and come to her rescue?

‘The Lifeguard’ is a beautiful story, and I found myself caught up in it. You become very emotional. So many things happen in this story that will really tug at the heart strings. ‘The Lifeguard’ is a definite treat; I recommend this book to anyone looking to escape into a life of love and fantasy. I give it four stars.

The Lifeguard

By: Deborah Blumenthal

Chasity Brewer is an avid reader and has always had a passion for books, she is a writer and an active book reviewer and she can be reached at newsblaze.com