How to Hang on When Everything Says Give Up!

BRONX, NEW YORK – Many give up before they see the finish line. They lose hope when victory seems unattainable, like an imaginary pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. What can keep fanning the fire inside of us? What can dissuade the patriot from losing his faith? The “Greatest Generation” knew it. It is the key, in fact, a power source that any nation, person, organization, or corporation must tap into for their ultimate success. And it is – Persistence!

A new book, Persistence Works!, chronicles over forty spiritual, scriptural, and secular success stories which proves that Persistence Works! Learn from great men and women-of the past and present-who accomplished amazing things through the Power of Persistence. Their stories will inspire, encourage, and show readers how to persist until they see their desired dream or miracle come to fruition.

As our faith weakens and we seemingly wait forever for that miracle or dream to manifest itself, we need a reminder of just what to do. Before giving in or giving up, read Persistence Works! Discovering How to Persist Unto Your Miracle by Vincent N. Paul. This book is a must for those at the end of their rope. Be encouraged to never give up on your dreams. The author exhorts readers to persist during trying times until they see the physical manifestation of their dreams. Rev. Vincent spent over seven years reading, studying, researching, and writing about various success stories of persistence in the world, without respect to geography, race, or gender. He has personally experienced the time-tested truth that persistence works.

“…Rev. Paul, Thank You For… Your Book, Persistence Works!…”

– Laura Bush, First Lady, United States of America

“Rev. Vincent is one of my partners in the ministry.”

-Dr. Morris Cerullo, San Diego, CA President, Morris Cerullo World Evangelism

Readers of Persistence Works! will be strengthened in their faith in God, inspired, and excited for the promise of what lies ahead. Rev. Vincent challenges them to overcome past failures. Be strengthened by the testimonies and stories of those who’ve been where you are, and how they made it to victory and success. Jesus persisted. He demonstrated this most practically and sacrificially. Readers will learn a timeless truth – that persistence has always and will always work.

Vincent N. Paul is a young, dynamic, motivational preacher, teacher, prolific author, chaplain, publisher, and entrepreneur. His hard work in the field of writing has produced the “Persistence Works Series,” a series of 60 books now being Released: four Books annually, over the next 15 years. He is the founding Pastor of Kingdom Power Chapel and President of Vincent Paul Ministries International, a non-profit organization with the mandate to liberate those oppressed by the devil through the preaching of the gospel. He is spearheading a project aimed at demonstrating God’s love to Africa, dubbed The Africa Charity Project.

He is also the President/CEO of Vincent Paul Group, Inc., a multimedia communications, publishing, and tourism group of companies. He holds a B.A. (Hons.) degree from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and is studying for his Master of Divinity [M.DIV] degree from Liberty University; and another M.A. degree from Omega Bible Seminary. He’s had training in the Working Knowledge of Entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School and is a graduate of Morris Cerullo School of Ministry.

Since his Maiden Book [Persistence Works!] was Released at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., he has Appeared as a Guest on various Christian TV Shows, including on ‘Turning Point’ of Christian Broadcasting Network – CBN Int’l.; ‘The Harvest Show’ of World Harvest Television; ‘TCT Alive’ on TCT TV Network; ‘God Answers Prayers’ on KCHF TV 11; Life Sat TV Network & WWJC Radio, among other TV & Radio Interviews. Also, the New York Daily News has written a Full Page Article/ Story about the Author & his Book, Ministry & Marriage! He is the Host of ‘Power Telecast’ & Broadcast – his ministry’s TV & Radio Programs & also Co-Host another TV Program – “New York Today” on Life Sat TV Network.

As a Prolific Author, Rev. Vincent, Plans to Release four New Books Every Year (starting 2008) for the next 15 Years as part of the Persistence Works Series! The Titles scheduled for Release later in 2008 in the ‘Persistence Works! Series’ are:

  • “Don’t Be Discouraged!”
  • “Faith Deflators”
  • The Plan Of Salvation”
  • “How To Subpoena God”

    He also plans to Release the Audio Book of Persistence Works later this year!

    Rev. Paul and his wife, Edith – a Nurse by training and partner in ministry, who is also pursuing a B.A. Degree in Christian Counseling from Omega Bible Seminary – are based in Bronx, New York.

    Persistence Works! is available in bookstores and online at or,, or by calling 1-866-909-2665. Retailers may order Persistence Works! through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors.

    For further information about Rev. Vincent or his Book, visit his website:

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