How to Create a More Effective Educational System and Save Taxpayers

Interview an educational expert on his breakthrough research behind an alternative way of schooling

For most of his young life, Dr. Jay C. Powell suffered from dyslexia, which he successfully overcame after flunking out of high school. He progressed to earning a PhD in child development and educational measurements. He also devoted years of exhausting and painstaking research to the development of a revolutionary approach to schooling that blows the lid off of the traditional approach to teaching, and current methods of educational testing in schools.

Through his academic studies and teaching experience, Powell was amazed at, and energized to research, the reasons why his students answered the way they did in class and on tests. He used this information to empower his students to make spectacular gains, and to develop the Educational Effectiveness Theory (EET).

“When school personnel broaden their perspective to include unexpected answers students give, teaching will become more effective,” says Powell.

Powell’s new book, Making Peasants into Kings details the conclusions from his research, and also provides a deeply personal analysis of his life and career pursuits.

In a thought provoking and informative interview Dr. Powell can discuss:

– Why wrong answers are as important in assessing true learning as correct answers

– How the Educational Effectiveness Theory was developed, and exactly what it is – Why not everyone should acquire a college education

– How changing our educational system through EET will save taxpayers money

– No Child Left Behind -Teaching to take tests vs. teaching to learn

Jay C. Powell has devoted his life to teaching and educational research. He’s attended the University of Alberta, University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, and Harvard. He holds several degrees including a PhD in Educational Leadership and Child Development and Educational Measurement.

Powell is CEO of Better Schooling and Information Systems (BSIS) and is a part-time teacher at the School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science at Robert Morris University.

Making Peasants into Kings is available online at:


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