How To Become A Valuable Slave in America

New Book Goes on Sale

Today Controversial Author and Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad releases his most radical book yet “How To Be A Valuable Slave.” This book is said by the author to be the most important book ever written, because it is a survival guide for black Americans.

Muhammad says that this book explains how a black person in America and the world can transform themselves into a valuable citizen. This is something that Muhammad says is unknown to black youth, and it is an issue which Muhammad believes brings about the argument “do black lives matter?”

Making Yourself Useful

It comes at a time when this question “do black lives matter?” is being asked after the killing of black youth such as Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin and others. This book comes to curb the killing of black youth by teaching them how to make their lives undoubtedly valuable.

Muhammad believes that black youth must learn the value of “Uncle Tom-ism” which he believes is a valuable mindset that can save a black life in a Caucasian-dominated power structure. And this book is deemed the #1 book for learning the value of this mindset and a must-read for the African American Community.

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