‘Heart of Glass’ Book Review

‘Heart of Glass’ blew me away; it was by far the best book in the series yet. To start with, the cover pulled me in. It is very colorful and has a Cinderella feel to it, with a very pretty girl in a green corseted dress walking barefoot down a staircase.

The book had quite a few elements that the others lacked. This one showed new sides to characters that I think a lot of readers have been longing to see. It had very touching moments. Which I will discuss later in this review, but this book was truly an enjoyment to read. It was a very fast read, once I started it I couldn’t put it down. ‘Heart of Glass’ has very memorable characters and very memorable scenes.

In this volume we follow the outrageously different group of characters in their first summer after graduating high school. Some pretty unbelievable and amazing things happen to all of them as well as some pretty terrible things.

Anna and Cammie find themselves in some legal trouble, that even the most expensive lawyer cannot get them out of without doing community service. However if you are thinking orange jumpsuits and picking up garbage on the side of the road for these two fashionistas, you are very mistaken. Even these girls’ punishments are glamorous. They end up helping to organize a charity fashion show, for a charity called New Visions to help at risk teens set their lives on the right track. It seems to be a pretty cushion filled job for Cammie and Anna but there are lots of twists and turns that could very well knock these girls right off their extremely expensive stilettos.

Cammie and Anna surprisingly got along in this book for the most part and end up helping each other out a lot through this book. Anna brings out the good side in Cammie and Cammie brings out the wild side in Anna. The girls bonded over helping one New Visions girl, Champagne reach her dream of being a model. Although the question is after the fashion show is over will Anna and Cammie go back to hating each other?

Sam is back with Eduardo and couldn’t be happier except she is convinced that Poppy, her stepmother is cheating on her father. So she asked Parker to help her bust Poppy in exchange for three scenes in her father’s new movie Ben-Hur; but how far will she go to take Poppy down and will it be worth it?

Dee and Jack are getting serious, a little too serious for either of them to handle but when another guy, Aaron moves in on Dee with Jack fight to make it work or just let Dee go?

Anna was so sure she was done with Ben in the end of the last book, but Ben isn’t nearly done with Anna. He is planning to wait around until she comes to her senses, even though she’s dating someone else who is covered in tattoos. But when Anna finds out some possibly incriminating information about Caine will she go running back to Ben?

Cammie is tired of being put on the back burner for Adam’s precious Michigan. It will only be a matter of time before Cammie’s horns start to poke out again and demand attention.

‘Heart of Glass’ showed a new dimension to the A-List characters. I can honestly say that I fell in love with this book. Just when I thought I had something all figured out, I was thrown for another loop, some parts I was so shocked that I couldn’t even put it into words and other times the brilliance in the scenes just blew me away. I have loved this series since the moment I picked up the first novel ‘The A- List’ however I think this one set the stakes higher.

‘Heart of Glass’ is a real work of art and I would recommend anyone who is a fan of the ‘Gossip Girl’ series or any works like that to get this series immediately. It was a very touching story especially when it comes to the story of the girls helping Champagne and the New Vision girls. I found this book very relatable except for the fact that if I had to do community service I can guarantee it would be much less glamorous and there is no way I would be so lucky.

Fantastic book with great, memorable characters and scenes that definitely give you something to talk about, I love how it can be touching and yet catty at the same time, truly impressive.

‘Heart of Glass’ is one you don’t want to miss.

Heart of Glass

A-List Novel # 8

By: Zoey Dean

Publisher: Little, Brown, and Company

ISBN: 0-316-01096-0

Rating: Absolutely Amazing!