Gray Book Review

‘Gray’ was an amazing book. I really liked the way it was written, like you were seeing everything from the main characters eyes. It was a truly deep, emotionally moving book. It was a book that I really connected with. There were so many things I could relate to, feelings and emotions I had been through myself and had no idea what to do with them. The ending to ‘Gray’ left me chilled to the bone, in a good way. ‘Gray’ is a masterpiece.

I wish Pete would write more novels because I loved both of his books and they are both so different. His first novel, ‘The Boy with the Thorn in His Side’ was genius, so was ‘Gray and yet they were on opposite sides of the spectrum yet they are both brilliant.

Pete’s characters are so much more realistic than a lot of the authors today write them. Instead of happily ever after’s, ‘Gray’ is about the realities of struggling with emotions, relationships, careers (including life out on the road as a musician), substance abuse, and suicide attempts. It’s real, raw, and dark. T

his book is beautifully morbid and lifelike. I loved every minute of it and have never read anything like it. I would highly recommend it.


Peter Wentz with James Montgomery

Publishing Date: February 19, 2013

Publisher: MTV Books

ISBN: 978-1416567820