Fish Farm Book Review

Fish Farm written By W Sautter is kind of hard to get into, but once I got into it I wanted to read it till the end. The book was overall good, but had a lot of errors in it. Fish farm is the story of one senior citizen named Jack who lost his job, benefits, house and his wife to cancer.

Jack has worked his whole life. He’s made his share of mistakes, but who hasn’t? He has learned a lot from them and has grown since he was a kid. He had kids got married and got a job with a 401k.

Everyone wants the perfect life. The house with the picket fence, the wife, 2.5 kids and the golden retriever dog: the American dream. But what happens when your “perfect” job turns out not to be so perfect and you get fired and lose your 401k? What happens when your kids grow up and move out? What happens when your wife gets cancer and you have no health insurance?

I’ll tell you what happens when you become Jack. Meet Jack; he is your average man with your average dreams, till one day something happens that turns his entire life upside down.

Jack now has to deal with a gang who calls themselves the firemen and this book explains how he deals with it all. Jack seems to be the go to guy for his entire neighborhood. Need help, call Jack. Toilet stuffed up don’t call the plumber, call Jack. Who do you call when the firemen are ripping you off and you accidentally kill one? Do you call the cops? Of course not you call Jack.

But who does Jack go to when he has a problem that needs to be fixed? He picks up the phone and tells Petey to swing by his house and bring the truck. Then it’s off to Larry’s farm they go and it’s time to go fishing. Where your problems are always fixed, and you can bring your own bait.

I recommend this book to those who like suspense and anyone who likes noire fiction or murder books. According to FTC regulations I must state that I have received a free eBook copy but it has in no way affected my views on the book or my review.