Enjoy Rome Like A Seasoned Traveller…Travel Guru’s Top Tips for Italy

Can you fall head over heels in love with a city? If Rome were a woman, she’d seduce you with her ageless beauty, mysterious secrets and her zest for life. If Rome were a man, he’d embrace you with his majestic strength, enduring artistry and romantic charm. It’s a potent combination of romance, relics and ruins that makes Italy one of the top 3 Western European destinations for Americans.

Anthony Capozzoli, author of the new book and CD audio guide, “UNABELLAVISTA ROME: How to Tour Italy,” fell in love with Italy at a young age. His must-see sights always include museum tours. “I think Rome is a spellbinding city that woos you with a magical elixir of breathtaking art and architecture,” says Capozzoli. “When you try to quantify the number of masterpieces housed in Rome it’s awe inspiring. You don’t have to be an art aficionado to marvel at the gifted work of masters such as Michelangelo.”

Sure, while we love the masterpieces and the sense of history that permeates the air, let’s not ignore Rome’s siren call of fine shopping that beckons fashionistas who crave the supple caress of a fine leather shoe or handbag. Oh, and did we mention the food and the wine? What’s not to love!

“To really explore a city, you need to travel independently and look for the local attractions-not just the tourist traps,” says Capozzoli. “Find a restaurant that looks and smells wonderful then defer to your server’s expertise. That’s how you get the best authentic dishes. The same applies for your entire experience. Just embrace the culture and they’ll want to guide you.”

To truly enjoy Italy, you need to plan accordingly to avoid the common aggravations that can dampen overseas travel. Here are some key tips to make the most of your visit:

  • Be respectful and try to speak some Italian; it will inspire locals to guide you
  • Buy train tickets/rail passes online (this helps ensure you understand the rail system)
  • Book museum reservations online so you don’t waste time standing in line
  • Call your credit card company to inform them of your trip ahead of time so they don’t think overseas charges are fraudulent
  • When packing, less is more
  • Bring an empty duffel bag to carry souvenirs home
  • Bring extra digital camera memory cards and/or film and batteries for your camera; they’re expensive in Italy
  • Rent a mobile phone if you want to be reached
  • Grab your hotel’s card with the phone number and address to help you find your way back; remember to add the major sight or piazza the hotel is near to aid in directions
  • Bring electrical adaptors for your hair dryer, iPod, camera or anything that needs electricity
  • Keep a color copy of your passport picture page in your money belt; hide your passports in your hotel room or hotel safe
  • Consider renting an apartment instead of booking a four star hotel
  • Don’t flash your cash and NEVER leave your camera or purse unattendedPaperback: 161 pagesPublisher: Bella Industries Publishing

    Available at: www.amazon.com www.unabellavista.com

    About the author:

    Anthony Capozzoli is a Chicago Native whose family hails from Campagna and Sicily. He grew up strongly influenced by his family’s Italian heritage and developed a deep love for Italy. Capozzoli has researched Italy his entire life and he relied on that research to map out an incredible itinerary for his maiden voyage to Rome 6 years ago. When Capozzoli returned home, his friends were so inspired by his visit they asked Capozzoli to plan a trip to Rome for them-with a complete itinerary. What started out as a favor for his friends, grew into something much bigger than Capozzoli ever anticipated. He’s since published “UNABELLAVISTA ROME,” a guidebook for the city of Rome along with a CD audio guide. He’s now working on a second guide book: “UNABELLAVISTA FLORENCE.”

    A graduate of the University of Iowa, Capozzoli ultimately plans to divide his time between Italy and the United States. For more information visit: www.unabellavista.com

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