‘Breakthrough’ Bestseller Book Review

Life-Altering Secrets from Today’s Cutting-Edge Doctors and the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of “Ageless”

Today Suzanne Sommers is one of the most trusted advocates of anti-aging medicine. Now she furthers her commitment to helping others lead happier, healthier, lives by offering them views of cutting-edge, proven remedies and preventative care which most doctors just aren’t talking to their patients about – longevity medicine, that more progressive study of bioidentical hormones.

There are books on every aspect of ‘better life’. There are new books, used books, old books, available on any subject from making a bomb to making grass grow.

Nowhere among them is a single entry on increase your productive life! No where among them will you find one written just for you, until now. This new offering titled “Breakthrough!” is in overall physical appearance an absolute top-notch, high quality book filled with solid impressive works.


The information contained in this book can benefit anyone without exception, including experienced health consultants. As we age, certain hormones diminish, creating imbalance that can set off everything from perimenopause to cancer, beginning as early as our thirties. This imbalance is causing many to feel depressed, anxious, fatigued, sexless, sleepless, and ultimately ill, sometimes even terminally, so states Suzanne.

Somers and twenty doctors in the field of anti-aging medicine argue that processed chemicals in foods and the pharmaceuticals drug companies ply us with are actually eroding our bodies and minds. So in addition to simply time passage, we’re getting slammed twice. From estrogen dominance to deceptive thyroid problems, people are suffering, and most don’t have access to the treatment they truly require to heal and thrive… or didn’t until now.

“Breakthrough” explores cutting-edge science. It delivers smart, proactive advice on the newest treatments for breakthrough good health and longevity.

In addition to being a pioneer in the rapidly growing health field rather then exploring the field of sickness, Somers has proven herself a passionate, caring individual whose own life was derailed by disease then restored to such unimaginable good heights, she wants you, too, to experience them.

Yes, I read the review copy however just because I didn’t shell out cash for it doesn’t mean I don’t have every right to be mean about a bad book, or even a bad book idea. You dear reader are owed the best truth I can deliver so here it is – If I had it to do tomorrow I’d buy this book without batting an eye, or even asking “How much?”

I watched Suzanne with 2 female co-hosts on the “Today Show” yesterday when one crone complained that balancing nutrition for good health is, “A lot of work.”

Without a blink, Suzanne retorted, “So is being sick.”

If sucking down Pfizer, Merck, J&J (Johnson and Johnson) products works for you, if you’re happy with all the side effects and heath has no appeal, pass on this book, please. I don’t want to feel I’ve let you down by misleading you that there is anything else in this book. For those into homeopathy, natural good health, wellness, “Breakthrough” is worth a read.

Without having started to work its promised magic, yet, since I just received it, I cannot promise it will do anybody a world of good. Only that I’m willing to start giving it a try on the morrow.

Today? It’s a 4.5 Star Read.

Hardcover: 464 pages

Publisher: Crown Publishing Group (9/9/08)

ISBN10: 1400053277

ISBN13: 9781400053278

Claudia Strasbaugh was a freelance writer who founded Scripps Ranch/Mira Mesa Writer’s Guild, was head writer for the weekly TV show “Kill ‘EM With Comedy,” plus California Bureau Chief for National Lotto World Magazine. Claudia also ran a nonprofit called Dinner On A Dollar. Sadly, Claudia passed away in 2015, but we are pleased to display her writing works.