Book Review: Good Advice For The Young

Good Advice For The Young, by John Palma is a tremendous work for such a small book. Covering a myriad of topics, the information contained in this book is exceptional to the young reader.

Truly, I wish I had come across a book like this when I was younger. Almost every possible subject that a person will encounter on their journey through life as they grow to adulthood is covered in this book.

It is short, concise, easy to understand, and provides many helpful tips along with a wealth of knowledge, preparing young people for the “real world”.

The importance of education is stressed. The author encourages each person to seek the highest education possible within the scope of their major. Although circumstances may get in the way of this, and it may not always be easily attainable, seeking to achieve such standards is commendable. A wise woman once told me “You can always lose your job, but no one can ever take your education away from you”.

Palma’s book is certainly a must read. He gives sound advice compelling young people to set goals and desire high standards for themselves in order to become respectable, educated citizens, and participants of the society in which they live.