Book Review: Fresh Wind and Strange Fire

In Fresh Wind & Strange Fire, American Professor, Lyn Fuch chronicles his journey through the rugged and primal terrain of Mexico, the country where he resides and teaches.

Fuch’s adventures include buying fake documents, eating iguanas, ingesting peyote, scaling glaciers, train-hopping with migrants, splash-fighting with Mayans, joking with narcotraficantes, being exfoliated by fish, having a tooth extracted without anesthetic, and interviewing the last living witness to a Latin American extermination camp. As mystics exalt the lotus for its stately blossoms arising out of muddy waters, Lyn celebrates life by gleaning hilarity and wisdom from bizarre reality.

Fresh Wind & Strange Fire is just as the title suggests: Fresh, original and passionate. Fuch grips the reader, from beginning to end, with his historical detail, humor and socio-political anecdotes. This is a must read for anyone who lives in or aspires to travel extensively throughout Mexico.