Blood Awakening Book Review

I really enjoyed this short story. From the very first page this story had caught my attention. It is very intriguing. I like how it is spread out in a series, so that you really have to read the next one to find out more. Some series out there today are pointless and the books don’t flow together. This series flows and I think the way it is written makes it more enticing. ‘Blood Awakening’ is a very unique read and I really loved it. I am captivated by what is happening and yet I am still waiting to see what the reason for it is. So I will definitely have to continue reading this series.

‘Blood Awakening’ kept me guessing to the very end and even though it is a short story, it’s an action-packed. It told enough of a story to hold its own of course it needs a follow up novel but that was clearly the intention. I really enjoyed the plot and the way the characters spoke to each other. I cannot wait to read more from Wenona Hulsey. I think paranormal fans will love this book. A great job by Wenona!

Blood Awakening

Wenona Hulsey

Publisher: Wenona Hulsey

Publishing Date: July 7, 2011


Genre: Suspense/Fiction