Athens:Till Death Do Us Part

How do you introduce a thriller of epic proportions without any catchy tag-line? It’s simple. Give an excerpt of the book and Enjoy…

It was probably the safest wedding in history. Everyone from the Hercules Bodyguard Emporium was there.

I, Andromeda Vigna, take you Alfred Thomas Hardy,

Andromedahad chosen Alfred, her father’s favorite and most esteemed employee tothe Hercules Guard Emporium since its inception. She had fallen in lovewith him almost immediately he was assigned to watch over her and shescorned her former love interest Raymond Harper, a well renownedbio-engineer with a taste for woman beating…karma took the vengefulshape of Alfred’s fists.

To have and to hold from this day forward,

Therewas a special bond between Alfred and Andromeda. The concept presentedby Alfred’s body guarding pointed to the mortal peril he was alwaysplacing himself in for the sole protection of others-Andromeda didn’twant to lose him. Every hug was as if it would be her last.

To be my husband, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health

Alfred wasn’t a man who made many long term plans because of the nature of his job. He had at a time considered himselfexpendable but with a father in-law who was handing him the business ofrunning the emporium and marrying his daughter, Alfred’s mind wasrewired to think positively long term.

To love and to cherish;

Itwas by far the happiest day of his life when Andromeda gave birth totheir first baby. It was a boy, Alfred and Andromeda agreed quickly onthe name Athens, the city they first met in. He would be a reminder ofwhy they got married, he’d be the sum total of their love defined

From this day forward

Alfred,after Andromeda’s plea to get some coffee for lack of sleeping, put hisright hand man, Mr Bank’s in charge of protecting Andromeda. RaymondHarper, Andromeda’s ex-lover, was not a man who gave up easily and hewas defeated in every possible aspect in comparison to Alfred, whomessentially was the almost perfect man. He was plagued with thoughts ofjealousy and an insatiable thirst for revenge in any form he couldobtain it.

Alfredwalked into -The Coffee Beans’ coffee shop. Coming into these shopsalways felt like walking into a living room because of the severalshades of brown, dimmed lights, the stylish sofas placed in such a wayto make you want to sit on them and the amazing aroma of the freshestcoffee. Andromeda loved coffee shops and before long Alfred found heloved them too. He guessed that was down to her presence rather thanthe atmosphere and place. Alfred was snapped out of his pleasant chainof thought by his need to risk assess the place once with a fewglances. Paranoid but it had to be done; it was his job to take no riskeven if he was just buying a coffee. It was on scanning the settingthat he came across a far too familiar face-Banks.

Kingsley Olaleye Reuben
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