Arise Syrenka Series Book 3 Book Review

Let me begin by saying what a way to end a trilogy! What a touching, compelling novel!

I am truly addicted to these characters now. Amber Garr created such an amazing world, with such realistic, heartfelt characters.

Eviana really seems doomed in this final installment which nothing her and the group do seems to work against the great force of Lucian. Also, many of their allies turn on them; it would seem their chances of winning were dwindling greatly. Will the good be able to overcome the evil or will Eviana be forced to marry Graham and do Lucian’s evil bidding forever?

So in this book Eviana has finally realized she has feelings for Kain, which is great! At least I think so, as you all know from my other reviews. I was absolutely dying for Eviana and Kain to get together. However the issue in this book is Lucian is still holding Eviana captive and Kain’s first attempt to rescue her falls through.

Kain and the council then gather the masses to create a new plan to help Eviana. Unfortunately for Kain, Brendan becomes a part of this plan. Now in the second book I was very unhappy with Brendan but I have to say he redeemed himself in this final book. I won’t say how because I don’t want to give away too much. I loved the action in this book; there was definitely no shortage of it. I also really loved the plot. It was a very emotional and moving end to the wonderful series.

I seriously fell in love with the character’s Amber created and the way she tells a story.

The ending to this book was just magical. I couldn’t have pictured a better ending to this series. I definitely think Amber did a perfect job with all three novels. They are all amazing and I still think they should make these into movies.

I was beyond impressed with this book and Amber has a lifelong fan in me.


Syrenka Series Book # 3

Amber Garr

Genre: Fantasy/ Paranormal