A Dragon Forsaken Book Review

I was definitely sucked into ‘A Dragon Forsaken’; it was an absolutely amazing read. I was first introduced to these characters in ‘The Witches Lottery’, the first book in the Enchanted Island Series. I really enjoyed that book and immediately fell in love with those characters. This book revolves around Daphne the dragon. Daphne was introduced in the first one but she played a very small role and I didn’t really gravitate towards her. This book however blew my mind.

Daphne has become my favorite character in the series. Her story is absolutely captivating, tragic and yet beautiful. The story was written beautifully and I loved how nothing that happened in this story was coincidental, everything happen for a reason and it all tied together in the ending. I didn’t see any of that coming. Daphne is such a strong character; she wants to take on all her problems herself and refuses to ask for help because she does not want to ask for help.

However she finds out the hard way that she does need help and that she’s not all alone she has a family, a bigger one that she realizes. I love Daphne and I really enjoyed her story. She always wanted to be normal and now someone is messing with her life, and she is turning into the monster she always feared she would become.

Daphne is my kind of heroine, she is fierce, kick butts now ask questions later kind of girl, who eventually realizes she needs help, and falls in love.

Her and Teagon are amazing together, I loved that!! My favorite couple now too!

I also love how Krystal ended the book with a sneak peak as to what the third book is going to be about! I can’t wait to read Gianna’s story!

Another amazing book from Krystal George, count me in for the rest of this series.

A Dragon Forsaken

Enchanted Island Series Book 2

Krystal George