The Best of Los Angeles, The City That Has Everything

In a city that has everything, what are the best businesses and things in L.A? A world class city, and entertainment capitol of the world, Los Angeles has it all. From year round sunshine, palm trees, world famous Ocean surf and beautiful beaches, Los Angeles County is home to Hollywood, Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and dozens of other world famous and exciting towns and communities, all connected by the open road.

The Hollywood Sentinel, the only free online entertainment magazine that features “Only the Good News,” and that is personally e-mailed to the office of every star in its pages, brings you here “The Best of Los Angeles,” from the popular, to the elite and unique. This – the first in an ongoing series.

artist martin bruinsma

Best Online New Age Store

WYN FREE: Author, radio show host, singer / songwriter, and spiritual guru, Wyn Free is a very interesting fellow, featured regularly on Coast to Coast and many more. With his own radio show, he has quite the online following, and also offers a very interesting variety of products such as the “healing pendant,” that many users swear by. Mention Hollywood Sentinel for a discount on any products. Visit:

Best New L.A. Recording Artist

GRIMES: While Grimes has been around a number of years and hails from Canada, she recently moved to L.A. which she now calls home. We never get tired of listening to this brilliant pop / dance / experimental performer, singer, producer, dancer, model, and graphic artist who cites Skinny Puppy as one of her various influences. Seeming on the surface as a predictable pop singer, Grimes tears through layers of sound pushing boundaries of sonic realms rarely mixed or heard before, using her masterful voice and production mixes as an instrument, to turn pop and dance music on its head. A genius and beautiful artist.

Best Dating Agency

Elite Connections: We’ve heard of many stories of people wasting time and money on online dating agencies that simply don’t work. Well, here’s a brick and mortar one that ‘does.’ Headed by CEO Sherri Murphy and Tammi Pickle, Elite Connections is the top matchmaker in Los Angeles that has been featured on “O” with their client Latoya Jackson, among many more. With offices in Los Angeles, NYC, and abroad, Elite Connections helps bring a love connection to not only the world famous celebrity or top VIP, but anyone – with a kind heart looking for love. Visit:

Best Car Artist

Martin Bruinsma: In the famous and rich city of Los Angeles where car culture rules, L.A. is also home to some of the best art galleries and art museums in the world. Put the two together, and you will be on the search for art of your favorite car. Who better to create a great painting of your favorite classic or modern set of wheels? Look no further than L.A’s own Martin Bruinsma. Visit:

Best Indie Director / Cinematographer

Jessica Gallant: If you need to shoot a film, commercial, music video, webisode, or Company Video, and don’t want to spend a million dollars, but still want it to look like you did, then look no further for the best independent cinematographer and director in Los Angeles–Jessica Gallant. Fast, efficient, professional, and no nonsense, this outstanding camerawoman and director has been hailed by non other than Variety for her exceptional shooting. Visit:

Best Fitness Instructor

Francesca Jandasek: Dancer, artist, model, actress, musician, choreographer, fitness instructor, and more, Francesca Jandasek is one amazing woman. Bringing the cutting edge new fitness technology called Gyrotonic to Southern California with her very own studio, Francesca provides group class and private one one one fitness training for all ages and all levels, with unmatched skill, care, and integrity. Visit:

Best New Charity

Choose 2 B Positive is one of America’s newest charitable organizations that has actually existed in other countries such as New Zealand under different names, with a proven track record of helping kids and teens beat depression, get jobs, and become positive and successful in life – all without resorting to damaging drugs of any kind. Visit:

Best Songwriting Instructor

Harriet Schock: A singer and songwriter in her own right, who has worked with Grammy Winning stars, Harriet Schock kindly gives back to singers and songwriters with her ongoing classes on how to guarantee writing successful songs, and surprisingly, she is very reasonable. Visit:

Best Movie Star Collectibles

The Prop Master: From movie and TV props and set dressings, to rare items once owned by stars including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, and more, The Prop Master is one of the coolest shops in town, and remarkably well priced. Visit:

Best Place to Philosophize

United Lodge of Thesophists: While teaching the books of Theosophy co-founder Madame Blavatasky, The ULT is also a free place to sit, meet, mingle, and debate not only Theosophy, but life, religion, philosophy, reincarnation, and the afterlife with a very nice group of intelligent and thoughtful people who welcome visitors with open arms. Visit: www.ult-la-org Tel: 213-748-7244 ULT 245 W. 33rd Street (at Grand Avenue), L.A, CA, 90007

Best Sculptor

Victor Issa: Represented in Los Angeles, Victor Issa has many sculptures throughout Los Angeles. He beautifully and realistically captures the human form in life size works like few others can. Visit:

Best Computer Repair

Data Tamer: If you need to fix your computer, clean up a virus, or just get it to run faster, Dave the Data Tamer is your man. Visit:

Best Remote Viewer

Corporate Prophet: Trained in predicting outcomes based on emotional intelligence and calculated intuition, Stacey Tallitsch is one of the few remote viewers in the world, personally trained by Major Ed Dames who helped create the RV Program for the U.S. government back during the heyday of its implementation. Working in Los Angeles and also New Orleans – serving many top companies and private VIP’s world wide, Stacey Tallitsch is reasonable in his prices, and even teaches the techniques to those who wish to learn. Visit:

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