‘WorkEZ’ Laptop Stands Combine Computer Work and Comfort

New Line Of Ergonomic Laptop Stands Makes Computer Work More Comfortable

It’s an innovative line of computer accessories that is designed for better health – for you and your computer. The WorkEZ series of aluminum stands was developed to hold laptops, tablets, reading material and monitors in the most optimum ergonomically-correct position possible. The WorkEZ products are versatile and multi-functional and can serve as a Laptop Stand, Lap Desk, Reading Stand, Document Holder, Standing Desk, or Monitor Riser.

The WorkEZ stands are adjustable in both height and angle. Platforms can be elevated up to two feet and the adjustable angles that WorkEZ offers decrease screen glare. The product series is lightweight, sturdy and help dissipate heat, preventing computers from overheating and prolonging their life. The stands make an excellent lap desk for use on a couch, recliner or bed, all to improve posture, comfort and health. At a desk, WorkEZ elevates screens and prevents hunching over a computer all day. It also turns any desk into an ergonomic sit/stand (or standing) desk.

The WorkEZ Line is the brainchild of John Failing of Uncaged Ergonomics. “In grad school, I got tired of the back pain and inability to focus caused by spending hours reading textbooks. I began propping my textbooks up at an angle, which helped a little, but my “ah-ha” moment came when I elevated textbooks off my desk and read them at eye level. I searched the market for an adjustable height and angle reading stand and couldn’t find an affordable solution. So I made a prototype, which made studying immensely more comfortable. I started Uncaged Ergonomics to make an affordable, useful adjustable height & angle reading stand – and the WorkEZ line was born.”

The WorkEZ series has three models: Light, Professional and Executive. All products are made of aluminum and have identical push-button adjustments.

  • WorkEZ Light (MSRP $45) – a featherweight stand weighing less than 2 pounds. It has the smallest panel and a 2-piece leg design that simplifies setup.
  • WorkEZ Professional (MSRP $55) – is wider than the Light and has a third leg segment that increases stability on softer surfaces. Professional fits in larger carry-on bags.
  • WorkEZ Executive (MSRP $90) – The widest and tallest stand with built-in cooling holes to dissipate heat. Executive has a super-high quality finish on the aluminum and is the most versatile and stable stand in the lineup.

    For more information on the entire Uncaged Ergonomics product line, go to: www.UncagedErgonomics.com

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